Terms & Conditions

All terms agreed to between the Purchasing Customer and Priority Caskets are contained within this agreement. This agreement replaces and supersedes any other agreements between the two parties, written or verbal, relating to the same products and services. Future discussions or agreements cannot change the essential nature of this agreement, unless put down in writing and subsequently signed by the Purchasing Customer and Priority Caskets (or the Priority Caskets assignee).

NOTICE: Any holder of this agreement is subject to all claims and defenses which the debtor could bring against Priority Caskets of products or services acquired pursuant hereto. Recovery hereunder by the debtor is limited to amounts up to but not exceeding the amounts paid by the debtor hereunder.

Caskets are purchased as a “type” of merchandise, based on a description of features including gauge of metal or type of wood, materials, color, interior features, and finish. Exact item ordered may be unavailable at time of purchase or requested delivery time; in such rare cases, Priority Caskets will provide an equivalent quality product that conforms to the described features.

All charges and fees for shipping and delivery are non-refundable. Saturday shipments may be allowed, for an additional fee: contact the Priority Caskets customer service department to inquire regarding availability and costs. We do not offer delivery service on Sundays or major holidays. Special delivery service to specify morning or afternoon delivery, or specific delivery time, is subject to an additional fee. If additional charges cannot be fully anticipated due to individual circumstances, Priority Caskets will charge the credit card on file with the Purchasing Customer's account following delivery for any additional fees that are required.

Priority Caskets contracts through a third party provider(s) for shipping and delivery services. Priority Caskets makes every effort to ensure on-time delivery of all orders, however delivery is not in the control of Priority Caskets. Purchasing Customer expressly releases Priority Caskets from any liability for failure of delivery per order specifications. Purchasing Customer agrees that the actions (or inaction) of the delivery service is not the responsibility of Priority Caskets. Purchasing Customer holds Priority Caskets harmless for any failures by the the shipping or delivery company(s); any damage to products caused by the shipping or delivery company(s) or its employees is the sole responsibility of the Purchasing Customer. Damaged products will be held for inspection by the shipping company. Purchasing Customer agrees that in that event, Priority Caskets may be unable to provide an identical replacement casket within the same time frame as originally specified; Purchasing Customer further agrees to provide Priority Caskets with a reasonable amount of additional time to attempt shipment of a replacement casket, with best efforts made to arrive within the time frame originally specified. This service is provided at no added charge to the Purchasing Customer. Refusal of this service releases Priority Caskets from all further liability to provide a replacement casket; ownership of the damaged casket is assumed solely by the Purchasing Customer and Priority Caskets is under no further obligation to provide refund, credit, or a replacement.

Delivery refusal of any casket by the funeral home or delivery address incurs an added charge of $750 to the Purchasing Customer. No order cancellations are allowed following order placement and casket shipment. The Purchasing Customer is responsible for acceptance of the casket at the location specified on the order form, whether this is a funeral home or another address provided.

NOTICE: Completion of order form affirms that the Purchasing Customer has read and agrees to all terms and conditions attached to this agreement. Purchasing Customer further agrees, in the event of any claims against Priority Caskets, to surrender any and all rights to a court or jury trial and any rights to appeal, and that any claims against Priority Caskets shall be resolved via arbitration.

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